About The Women Are Worthy Show

The Women Are Worthy® Show hosted by Jacqlyn Charles is the video streaming companion to the Women Are Worthy podcast. Filmed live and broadcast over Facebook each week, Jackie showcases compelling stories and journeys of phenomenal women doing phenomenal things.

Jacqyln chose the specific format for WAW out of a yearning desire to be a part of the solution. Realizing that many problems women face stem from the negative relationships they were having with each other, Jacqlyn uses her show as a vehicle to connect women, bridge gaps, connect to resources and build relationships.

When invite you to join our community and tune in for the next episode of the Women Are Worthy Show!

Be Fibroid Free

Dr. John C Lipman discusses fibroids and treating them on the Women Are Worthy Show with host Jacqlyn Charles. During this informative conversation, Jacqlyn briefly touches on her own journey with fibroids as a Jamaican-American woman. Dr. Lipman talks about fibroids being a major issue…