In this week’s installment of the Women Are Worthy Show, esteemed host Jacqlyn Charles has a conversation with the mayor of Kennesaw, Georgia, Derek Easterling. Spending his childhood in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, Mayor Easterling worked in the carpentry business and used to build furniture and cabinets. Once graduating from high school, he entered the Navy where he claims he really grew up. The Navy helped Mayor Easterling evolve, gave him new opportunities, and developed his sense of self. He talks about his stint as a teacher and how he manages his time well, balancing his teaching, family, exercise, and all of the other activities packed into his daily schedule.

Mayor Easterling stresses that his goal as not only mayor but a citizen of Kennesaw is to ensure that everyone is successful whether it be as a homeowner, entrepreneur, etc. The city’s job is to guide and aid it’s people on their journeys to achieve their desires as citizens and are there to provide the necessary tools. In order to better service the public, citizens must be involved and engaged in their local governments and inform such governments of their needs.

Inclusivity, new fresh ideas, and creating more businesses are just a few of the many things Mayor Easterling and the city of Kennesaw have to offer it’s people!