And we’re back Worthy Villagers! This Wednesday #WAWCW is a 22 year old Detroit native who is defying the odd and making history! Everyone meet Antoinette “Toni” Harris! This former high school Homecoming queen is striving to be the FIRST female in the NFL. Yes, I said NFL and yes I said FEMALE!

 At the very young of 6, she watched her cousin on the field and has been playing ever since. Being a woman playing a “masculine” sport, you can already imagine what she has had to endure such as getting kicked off of childhood teams for being a girl. She inspires to be a positive role model to others who are facing adversity and fighting obstacles to reach their dreams. She has the constant support of her family and friends to push her in the right direction that she became one of the first females to be offered a football scholarship to any college. Today, Toni wants to finish her sophomore year at East Los Angeles College as free safety and keep her eyes open for other college offers. Due to her recent fame from her story-telling Super Bowl Toyota commercial and videos going viral, she is embracing the new attention but remaining focused on her ultimate goal to excel at a four-year (university) and become the first female NFL player. Well, we support and stand with you Toni Harris because we know it takes a village and that’s what we’re here! Let’s welcome her into our Worthy Village and keep her head lifted!

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