Morals Versus Money

People everywhere are doing more than speaking out,

Like taking a stand against unbending employers and walking out.

Giving up your job is a tough decision to make,

But if that job supports racism, it’s a move that many take.

To give up your paycheck for what you truly believe,

May be a better solution than trying continually to deceive.

Standing on your morals, no matter the cost or consequence,

Must fully be weighed in each and every circumstance.

Perhaps you can do more to change a company’s direction,

By making your voice heard, regardless of the implications.

Combating the “status quo,” either from without or from within,

Will take all your energies if we are going to win.

Bend your morals for no one, regardless of their position,

Stay true to what you believe, even if it costs your whole commission.

Speak out and risk a job,

Stay silent and your spirit’s robbed.