Founder of Women Are Worthy and host of WAW Podcast


Jacqlyn Charles is the host of The Women Are Worthy Show, which confronts critical life challenges that women face. Raised in Brooklyn, NY, Jacqlyn is known for her phenomenal energy, effervescent smile, positive attitude, and captivating personality. As an inspirational speaker she uses her platform to hone her talent for inspiring and motivating others to live in a state of constant aspiration.

Jacqlyn, who was once homeless, chose the platform, “Women Are Worthy” out of a yearning desire to be a remedy and cornerstone of support during the adversity that occurs in all aspects of life. She realized that many problems stemmed from the negative relationships that women were having with each other as and their inner selves. She uses her show as a vehicle to effectively develop sisterhood by connecting women, bridging gaps, and creating the framework that will spark significant dialogue among women and between women. Jacqlyn has been a consistent advocate and community activist for cancer, as well as community activism for homelessness, sex trafficking and local government.

Jacqlyn life is led with absolute purpose. With persistence and determination at her helm, she is considered by many to be a Master of Habit and Change. Her goal is to inspire greatness in everyone that she comes into contact with. Jacqlyn core belief is that no matter what happens today, there is always tomorrow. This is a brand new day and everyone gets a second chance to have a fresh start.


Inspirational Speaker | Event Host | Certified Life Coach | Relationship Expert | Plant Based & Juicing Nutritionist

Female Empowerment

Inspiriting and empowering all women to prepare them to overcome obstacles that may be holding them back from achieving the success they desire.

Homeless & Hardships

Transforming and changing lives, even when someone is going through great hardship. With support and education, we can overcome our limitations and live our dreams.


Jacqlyn's been married for 3 decades. It took love, compassion, resilience, & compromise. It’s easy to lose yourself in a relationship, but it's possible to live your best life professionally & personally.

Self Esteem

Discover your “YES – I – CAN” attitude in life! Be inspired, engaged and allow your potentials to be unlocked, reignited, or discovered. We Are Powerful!


Maurice Sigur

Lifestyle & Fitness Coach
I would like to extend a huge thanks to Jacqlyn Charles for giving me the opportunity to guest appear on the Women Are Worthy blog talk radio. She gave me the perfect forum to promote my passion, health and fitness. By speaking to the masses, I was able to educate otherson the benefits of permanent, healthy lifestyle change through behavior modification. Not only is Jacqlyn a wonderful host, she’s also a friend who’s mission is to uplift, support and encourage other women to reach their greatness. I’m honored to be a part of her purpose.

Leslie Potts

American Diabetes Association
Thank you so much for allowing the American Diabetes Association to be a part of the Women Are Worthy Radio Show! We are always eager to deliver our message to the Atlanta community, especially to the nearly million Georgians living with diabetes. Your wonderful platform allowed us to our annual diabetes EXPO and because of that we had a record breaking year in attendance in addition, nearly 1000 attendees received diabetic testing and screenings! thank you for all your support with helping us fight diabetes! We look forward to this ongoing parnership!

Alan Dotson

Cultural Affairs & Recreation Director
The city of Riverdale would like to say Thank You for (Jacqlyn's) participation in our 2017 Annual Mother's day Brunch Event, HATTITUDE... As part of the entertainment for the afternoon, Jackie addressed our audience with such desire and it was a pleasure for us to hear such wonderful references to being a village and supporting one another as women! Once again the City of Riverdale would like to express our sincerest gratitude to you for such a commendable job and hope to get a chance to hear such motivational speeches from you in the future.