A Tribute to Elijah McClain

Elijah McClain was but 23 years old,

He died because of a now-banned carotid hold.

This young black man had committed no crime,

Yet was a victim of excessive police force one more time.

Walking down the street, although a bit late,

Was reported to look “Sketchy,” by a 911 caller motivated by hate.

But what happened next was more senseless and hateful,

“Accidentally” losing 3 body-cams, the police officers should be grateful.

This was not a violent man, putting up a crazed fuss,

But an “introvert,” that could not stand being touched.

At 5’6” and only 140 pounds,

Why would it take three bigger men to put him on the ground?

Once there, he was placed in a chokehold, losing consciousness,

He vomited three times; apologizing, he demonstrated graciousness.

Elijah had a cardiac arrest in the ambulance and died three days later,

Many factors contributed to his death – the worst is, a world still filled with haters.