At the beginning of every year, people pledge themselves to change, to follow-through with their “New Year’s Resolutions”, and to finally make a noticeable difference in their lives. People signup for the gym, they try to eat healthier, they start to use their phones less, and the list goes on and on. What’s sad is that improving compassion and connection with others never seems to make it on that list.

Jacqlyn Charles and Women Are Worthy are committed to making 2016 The Year Of Support. This year, we are setting out to bring more women together than ever before. It’s time to tear down those walls and truly connect with one another. Women deserve a safe platform where they can communicate and share ideas with one another. This year, we are going to expand our outreach and draw in as many women as possible.

There is no reason women should feel like they have no access to a place where they can share their stories about health, societal differences, the workplace, and important personal experiences. Help us spread our Year of Support message with your loved ones and neighbors. The time to act is NOW!